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  • Where are the gemstones sourced from?
    Our gemstones are purchased from artisan gemstone cutters from around the world. This ensures that the money goes directly to small businesses and the individuals who faceted and cut the gemstones. By purchasing directly from the gemstone cutters, there is no middle man which means we have less overhead costs than the larger jewellery companies allowing us to charge significantly less money for the same quality gemstones.
  • Are the gemstones natural?
    All of our gemstones are either natural or lab-made. If they are lab-made, they are indicated as such in our product descriptions. We also do not sell anything made with glass or cubic zirconia. Selected more expensive gems come with certifications and appraisals, done by Gem Lab Appraisal Services in Toronto, Canada or Federal Gemological Laboratory of Canada in Vancouver, Canada.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    We offer free shipping on all items being shipped to Canada and the United States. All items shipped to other countries cost a flat rate of $16 Canadian. Payment of local taxes and customs duties are the responsibility of the purchasers.
  • Who makes the jewellery?
    All of the jewellery is assembled by employees of IJB Jewellers. Settings are ordered from small companies in North America based on the precise measurement of each gemstone. Upon receipt, an IJB employee manually sets each gemstone in its previously measured setting. Each handmade piece is checked for quality and cleaned prior to being shipped to our customers.
  • Do you use any plated or filled gold and silver?
    No, we only use 925 sterling silver, or solid 10k, 14k, or 18k yellow or white gold. All of the jewellery is stamped to confirm authenticity.
  • Can Custom Items Be Returned
    Unfortunately custom items cannot be returned or exchanged. This includes ring resizing. Resizing a ring affects the structural integrity of the ring which overtime makes rings more likely to break in the spot where it was resized, furthermore, resized rings are sized to fit specific people so to resell a already resized ring is very difficult as such we do not allow returns on those items.
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