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This is a beautiful 104.25 carat master cut amethyst necklace. The setting and chain are both made from 925 sterling silver.

Chain length: 20 inch
Chain thickness: 1.5 mm thick

Gemstone Size: 32.2 mm long x 32.4 wide x 22.64 thick


This amethyst necklace was appraised by the Federal Gemological Laboratory of Canada. The retail replacement value of the necklace is 2500$.

104.25 Carat Master Cut Amethyst Necklace in Sterling Silver

C$1,250.00 Regular Price
C$1,000.00Sale Price
  • Gemstone: Amethyst

    Gemstone Carat Weight: 104.25 ct

    Gemstone Size: 32.2 mm long x 32.4 wide x 22.64 thick

    Natural/Lab-Made: Natural

    Material: 925 Sterling Silver

    Necklace Length: 20 inch

  • This item ships within 1-2 days of ordering

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