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This is a stunning 3.65 carat red apatite necklace. The setting and chain are both made from solid 10k yellow gold.

The gemstone was certified by the Federal Gemological Laboratory of Canada. The certification will come with the necklace. The retail replacement value of the rare apatite gemstone alone was $1800.

Gem Fact: Red apatite is the most rare color of apatite and almost impossible to find in gem grade clarity

3.65 Carat Rare Red Apatite in 10k Yellow Gold Certified at 1800

  • Gemstone: Red Apatite

    Gemstone Size: 9.5 mm x 9.5 mm

    Carat Weight: 3.65

    Natural/Lab-Made: Natural

    Necklace Length: 18 Inches

    Material: 10k Yellow Gold

  • This item ships within 1-2 days of ordering

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